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Public Safety

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Dr. Inam Rahman MD AKA Alfonso Perreira MD | A Doctor and A Pharmacist | Caring for People | Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

Running For House District

We need a Revolutionary New Justice System which is focused on rehabilitation of our inmates, job training while in prison and a support system to assist inmates being released. If we provide job skills and support systems to our inmates we will reduce crime, reduce taxpayer costs to incarcerate an inmate and reduce recidivism. If we have an efficient public safety system. we can reduce crime and save millions of taxpayer dollars. We will expand HOPE Court Probation to allow for more rehabilitation and employment skills to those arrested with a drug addiction and/or a mental condition. Finally, we need to fund pay increases for our Police as we have a significant shortage of law enforcement personnel. Having an adequate police force will protect and make safer our communities.

Other Platforms to move Hawaii forward:

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