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Dr. Inam Rahman MD AKA Alfonso Perreira MD | A Doctor and A Pharmacist | Caring for People | Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

Running For House District

We must support business and our employee workforce by Increasing the minimum wage to a fair rate, however exempting the “Mom and Pop” small businesses with 15 or less employees from minimum wage. I plan to introduce policy to ensure Unemployment Insurance Benefits are timely provided to recipients with strong penalties to the State for failure to comply with such policy.

Focus on establishing an inclusive workforce. For the workforce we must continue to support Tourism smartly (focus on eco-tourism and protecting our natural beauty and infrastructure). Continue to support our Military, except we must decommission the Red Hill Underground Fuel Tanks which have tainted our ground water with recent fuel leaks. We must diversify our economy and bring high technology business and jobs to Hawaii, as well as adding more renewable business in Hawaii. In addition, we need to refocus our support for Agriculture and allow the government support of dairy farms, cattle production, and expand agriculture production of produce.

Other Platforms to move Hawaii forward:

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