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Meet dr inam rahman MD
AKA Alfonso Perreira MD

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Dr. Inam Rahman MD AKA Alfonso Perreira MD | A Doctor and A Pharmacist | Caring for People | Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

Running For House District

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I am running for the open House District seat

I immigrated to the United States over 40 years ago, with only $100 in my pocket and a dream to become a doctor to help people. English was my second language and I started my journey in Washington, DC working as a janitor and selling ice cream. I volunteered at the U.S. Veterans Medical Center to further my understanding of medicine and studied pharmacy and passed the board exam and became a licensed Pharmacist. I knew my dream was not over as I then set my sights on medical school to become a doctor. I graduated from medical school and while doing my residency in Hawaii and passing the medical board exam, I fell in love with Hawaii, its culture, the diversity of its people, and the Spirit of Aloha. I knew Hawaii was now my home. After witnessing the suffering of people and the failures of government to efficiently address numerous concerns with unemployment, safety protocol, respecting of individual rights, and having no clear vision for the people during this COVID-19 pandemic, I knew I had to dedicate my time and medical experience to improve government and help our people and state move forward.

Dr Inam's six (6) point Platform to move Hawaii forward:

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